Largemouth Bass, the single most popular fish targeted in America.

Without doubt Largemouth Bass Fishing provides for a thrilling experience, Largemouth Bass have the fight of a Lion and can strike freshwater lures with the explosion of a canon blast; so its little wonder that Largemouth Bass Fishing is so popular.

Although you don't have to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to catch one these amazing fish, many would agree the real art to largemouth bass fishing is locating a genuine Largemouth bass hotspot.

Some things to be on the look out when identifying possible largemouth bass fishing hotspots

Shaded areas with overhanging trees, Largemouth Bass love to hang out among the roots and logs which often litter these areas, land a surface freshwater lure into these areas and work them over the shade.

Feeder streams which lead into a larger pond are like room service for largemouth bass, small feeder streams often carry some of the favourite food of largemouth bass. Like earth worms, grubs and bugs. Fish near where a feeder stream runs into a main 'larger' pond with a plastic worm, spinner or even a fly.

Fish around lily pads, grass beds and at the edge of drop offs or at a shallow area where the is a deep drop off nearby. Largemouth Bass are natural ambush predators so its always best to fish in and around their ideal ambush spots.

Best Times for Largemouth Bass fishing

As a general rule the best times to fish for Largemouth Bass is early morning and late afternoon as Largemouth Bass tend to shy away from bright light, during the better part of the day Largemouth Bass will either retreat to heavy cover or find deeper water where bright light can't penetrate.

So if your Largemouth Bass fishing in the middle of a bright sunny day, best set yourself up with a deep diving crankbait which has a nice loud rattle.

Largemouth Bass Fishing at Night.

Fishing for largemouth bass at night can land you some excellent fish especially in a popular fishing area where the largemouth bass have become all to familair with the usual freshwater lures. During the night Largemouth Bass will often be more comfortable in venturing further out for a potential meal.

Under the cover of darkness these fish will be more likely to strike instinctively at an unidentified silouhette or even vibration rather than waiting to get a detailed look at any potential prey.

This can can mean that you have a much greater chance of catching a 'wised up' trophy Hawg during the night than you would during daylight hours.

A good tip for night fishing for largemouth bass is to fish near and around piers where there is an artificial light source. The light will penertrate a long distance through the water column and light your lure up like a christmas tree.

Also when night fishing be sure to use a dark coloured lure with a rattle.

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  1.'> March 9, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Some good tips. Using a crankbait with a rattle is important in murky or dark waters, like you suggested. While I like crankbaits a lot, I also use soft plastics frequently because you can rig them Texas style which allows you to hide the hook. With a setup like that you can get your lure into weedy areas that those bass like to hide in without getting hung up.

    Great pictures by the way!


  2.'> December 11, 2010 at 4:09 AM

    Best time to catch Largemouth Bass fish is early morning and late afternoon. But at night, it is good to catch it near and around the piers. Fishing is really an exciting adventure. Many people love to do fishing with family and friends during weekends. They look for a Fishing Charter to have a nice and memorable fishing adventure.


  3.'> July 19, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    There is nothing like a fight with a largemouth bass! Well unless your in Alaska where I'm from trying to fight off the Halibut..haha. But I have noticed my success comes in the evening, but i guess every place could be different, you just have to see what works best for you and the area you are in. I always use something something that will make my lure light up bright!


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