Rapala Fishing Lures would have to be the most trusted brand of fishing lures on the planet and for good reason, their quality, lifelike realism and attention to detail are second to none in comparison to any other lures on the market.

Though what really makes Rapala Fishing Lures stand out from the pack and perform that much better than all the other freshwater fishing lures is there legendary lifelike swimming action.

But to maintain the edge that these elite freshwater fishing lures provide, there are a few cardinal rules when fishing with the Rapala Brand.

The Cardinal rules when using Rapala Lures.....

Use the lightest terminal tackle possible and tie your line directly to the eye of the your Rapala Lure

Why you should do this is simple! All Rapala Fishing Lures has been crafted to achieve perfect lightness and balance in order to yield the most natural simulated motion of bait fish swimming through the water.

Use your sinkers as far as practicable from the lure as possible.

When using three-way rigs involving extra weight, we recommend at least 18 inches of mono or line between swivel and lure. We can recommend much more, and for good reason: a sinker close to the natural eye of the Rapala impedes action as much as extra snaps and swivels.

You never want to burden the valuable fish catching action of your Rapala Lures with heavy hardware and sinkers located close to the lure.

Test your Rapala Lures’ action and optimal retrieval speed visually from the shore to confirm the best possible retrieve and rigging to maintain its lifelike action.

If you have used weight and line properly, the only other variable to be concerned with is speed. As you watch, vary the speed of the retrieve, noticing that there is an optimum rate at which the Rapala looks exactly like a bait fish struggling for its life! Of course, as you gain in experience and confidence, you might want to vary the speed, modifying the action for certain conditions and species.

Generally, the Rapala catches game fish like no other artificial lure because it imitates bait fish better than any other.

Observe these three simple rules and you are bound to get the most out of these great Freshwater Fishing Lures.

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