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Most anglers take their fishing very seriously but the British take things to a whole new level with their Carp Fishing Tackle and Toys.

Carp Fishing has yet to become popular in the US but in Britain and even Australia where people fish for carp for environmental reasons as much as for sport, carp fishing has been enormously popular.

Most people in the States see Carp as a 'junk fish' but more and more people are fishing for these fish for entertainment and game value as well as the fact you can catch carp at some really monstrous sizes.

Carp are fairly easy to catch, though you do have to be patient and it pays to not play with your rod too much as carp have very good senses when it comes to vibration and they can be easily frightened from taking bait when there is a lot of commotion near your cast. Also keep the tension off on your line, if a carp senses tension on the bait chances are it will become spooked.

The best bait to use are pre-prepared dough, although you can make your own dough for carp from a huge number of recipes that are available online, Creamed corn also works very well too and its probably a good idea to bring a few different baits to experiment with and see which works best for you.

The British are totally crazy about their carp fishing and some of their toys are a little over the top, but for someone who is really serious about their fishing gadgets like the bite indicators can be an extremely handy little tool to have.

In the way of Carp Fishing Tackle, it really depends on the size and species of carp you are looking to catch. As carp can be easily spooked the smallest hook and the lightest test line possible as if a carp sees the line it may think twice before taking your bait.

The trick with selecting the best Carp Fishing Tackle is a fine balance between having the lightest line and smallest hook as to not frighten carp off as well as having a strong enough line to cope with a fair size fish as well as a strong enough hook to withstand the punishment a carp can give. If your looking to land a true monster Carp, try and use a low visibility line to prevent any fish being spooked .

Typically carp are not a fast or explosive type of fish once hooked although they are very strong and can provide a good sustained struggle which is why they make great game fish.

One thing that is probably most important when trying for Carp is to be patient, let the fish suck and nibble at the bait as it takes a little while for a Carp to feel completely comfortable and fully take a bait.

Hooking a Peacock Bass is like snagging your lure on a passing nuclear attack submarine.

Peacock Bass Fishing is steadily becoming more and more popular with fresh water anglers. This is without any doubt due to the species insatiable and ferocious feeding habits and the amazing fight they put out when hooked.

The sheer ferociousness and strength of these species have inspired the top lure makers to design and produce super strong specialized peacock bass lures to withstand the extreme punishment these fish dish out, such punishment would leave your average Largemouth Bass lure a little worse for wear.

Once you have caught a large Peacock you quickly appreciate the pure excitement and thrill of the sheer power of these fish. I have heard people describe it as hooking a runaway freight train. All too often you have to play a Peacock Bass for quite a while before they finally submit to defeat.

And it's not unusual to have your line or even your rod snap, your hooks bent and mangled or even your lure looking like it had just been used to plough a farmer's field, after going five rounds with a good sized Peacock Bass.

Because Peacock Bass are so rough on your equipment and lures, it is well advised to have a spare rod and plenty of good quality Peacock Bass Lures close by.

Everyone who I have talked to who has caught Peacocks around Southern Florida always brings up in conversation the prospect of a Peacock fishing pilgrimage to the Amazon, where the largest and most exciting Peacock Bass fishing on earth takes place. Some catches on the Amazon River have been reported at 27 pounds the largest fish of this species weighing in at 35 pounds which is really beyond monstrous.

But there is no doubt some much larger record breakers in the more isolated reaches of this great river system.

These fish are voracious feeders and not particularly fussy which is great for anglers because chances are, if there are Peacocks about you will get hit, and get hit hard!

If you have never fished for these exotic fish before then it's a good idea to do a little research before you venture out. But even then no amount of reading will prepare you for the truly colossal battle you'll fight when a Peacock Bass claims your lure for its own, which is why it's a great idea to have an experienced Peacock Bass angler on hand for the first time you go on a hunt for these predators on steroids.

For anyone who considers them self a seasoned Largemouth Bass angler and is looking for a new and exciting challenge, targeting this amazing species of fish will give you a new found appreciation of fresh water fishing and without doubt make you a much better fisherman.

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There has been much controversy over fish attractants, and the general consensus seems to be split down the middle.

Though fish attractants while having been used for many years are gaining in popularity and while there is scientific proof that fish scents do make a difference when using your favourite freshwater lures, most fisherman have a somewhat misguided idea of the actual benefit fish scents or fish attractants have on the potential success of a fishing session.

The term 'Fish Attractant' is a somewhat misleading term as most experts both fishing and scientific believe that fish scents don't necessary 'attract fish' but rather greatly increase the chance your targeted predatory species in 'believing' that there is a real food source available even after your fish has ambushed your freshwater lures.

For example most fresh water species such as Bass can 'smell' scents even from minute amounts of substances. What Bass and other freshwater fish cannot do is sense the direction or distance of a scents source, so therefore 'fish attractants' don't really attract fish!

Although not all is lost! Fish rely on a number of senses to identify and hunt their prey, the most prominent sense being their sight.

You just have to talk to a well versed Bass fisherman to know that Bass in particular are a very visual fish, they like to 'see' their prey; which is why many lures best suited to target various species of Bass come in a wide range of colours to suit a number of fishing conditions.

For Bass, as with many other freshwater predatory species, the sense of smell simply re-enforces the presence of a genuine food source.

So what does this mean for the average fisherman, well the long and short of it is that fish attractants while don't really attract fish, they do in fact encourage a strike and some would even argue increase the aggressiveness of a strike.

You can conclude from all this then, that fish scents do have a valid place in adding to the success of your fishing adventures, just not how the highly lucrative million dollar industry of fish attractants would like you to believe.

Fish scents will not attract fish short of jumping into your boat, which means an appropriate selection of freshwater fishing lures including color selection as well as sound fishing technique, environment and target species knowledge as well as experience are still absolutely essential to a fisherman's overall success.