This week’s post is on one of the most versatile and easiest to fish with fresh water fishing lures, the X-Rap Shad by Rapala.

The X-Rap Shad can be used for all species of Bass as well as Walleye and Pike. There are two main depth versions of this fantastic lure, the X-Rap Shallow which will work between 3’ – 7’ and the X-Rap Standard which will work a depth of 6’ – 15’.

Some really cool features of this lure is its ability to suspend at depth; it’s extremely natural swimming action and its tungsten ball rattles which give a deeper rattle to attract those monster fish.

The X-Rap Shad series of fresh water lures have an integrated long casting weight balance system which really helps when casting against a strong wind, this top quality fresh water lure also features a feathered rear treble for added action, flare and extra attraction and along with extremely life like translucent body that comes in a wide range of colors, bass, pike and walleye are going to find this lure irresistible.

Just looking closely at it you can see its quality all round with this fresh water lure.

To get a better idea how advanced and effective this lure is check out the video!

If you have tried this lure leave a comment of your experience.

Eric Morgan writes....
Having thought that there wasn't alot of room for improving upon the already sucessful X-Rap series, I was skeptical about these baits.

However, upon purchasing a few of these jewels, I have become hooked on them. Upon opening the pack, I checked the hooks, which were perfectly sharp and of obvious quality, which is something that I demand of my baits.

Next for inspection was finish quality. Rapala fresh water lures have always impressed me with their attention to detail in their lures, and these were no exceptions. You may be wondering, "Well, how do they do?" and I have got to say that I do a lot of night fishing for walleyes, bass, and stripers; and they absolutely love them! From here on out, I will always have some of these babies in my bag, and probably on my line.

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