The one quality swimbait that won't break the bank.

Swimbaits are becoming all the more popular among Bass fisherman as freshwater anglers today are more ready to try new freshwater lures and other great new products in order to give them that edge or just to help them catch those trophy sized fish.

Though one of the major concerns with some of the latest and greatest swimbaits that have come onto the market has been their price. With some of the most expensive Swimbaits setting you back up to fifty dollars, it is possible to get a hold of some really good swimbaits products that work just as good as the high premium priced swimbaits for a fraction of the cost.

The Megabait Charlie Swimbait is just one of those swimbaits that works like a charm, yet won't cost you the earth, perfect for largemouth bass fishing.  

The Megabait Charlie Swimbait is a true hybrid freshwater lure, the Megabit Charlie has a lip just like you would find on a crankbait and  its design is centred around a soft plastic shell over a hard hollow core.  Whithin its core is a hollow sound chamber which has a number of tungsten balls which create a suprisingly low pitched knocking sound specifically designed to attract real trophy sized bass.

The exterior finish of this swimbait is very lifelike and has a very shiny holographic appearance which reflects light through the water from a great distance which makes its great for alerting hungry largemouth bass to its presence in the water.

Being a soft plastic bait the Megabait Charlie swimbait provides a more lifelike feel and therefore entices big bass to give a more committed strike. This will help stop Bass from 'short striking' or spitting out the bait before you get the chance of setting the hook.

The swimming action of this swimbait is very realistic, although as with any swimbait a bit of experimentation will help you decide what retrieve speed works best for you and produces the best results.

One of the best things about this swimbait is its versatility, you can use the lip to make the lure dive about three feet below the surface, with a pause you can let the bait suspend and on the slow retrieve you can let this swimbait work its magic with its low pitched knock and extremely lifelike swimming action, bass find the temptation irresistable.

Whether you use a slow or fast retrieve or jerk and stop this swimbait caters well for all techniques, so if one technique doesn't seem to work you can easily change your game plan without changing your lure.

With this swimbait I was a little worried about durability, with so many slits in the tail its understandable that this swimbait might not last as long as more expensive baits, though the Megabait Charlie has held up pretty well having fished with it for over a few months now, the color of these baits are impregnated into the plastic and although the bait has lost some of the glitter since I have purchased it, the swimming action of this swimbait along with its excellent ability to attract and catch large fish, especially in clear water has yet to fail me.

All in all the Megabait Charlie Swimbait is a great lure if your looking to add a few in-expensive swimbaits to your freshwater lure collection to help you with your Largemouth Bass Fishing.

P.S. If your looking for a true premium swimbait be sure to read this post.

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    I am definitely going to look into picking one of these up. I always use a lot of crankbaits, I am going to look into trying out a swimbait to see how their action attracts bass. Thanks for the good post!


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    These are really neat hooks!


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