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Here are some Veteran Bass Fishermans tips for Big Bass

Go Bass fishing early in the morning or the evening and three days either side of a full moon.

Get a map of the lake or stream and look for submerged islands and long points. A point is a long shallow section, Bass love to use these to travel from and to deep water.

Large flat areas of a lake can be very good early in the day, use a crankbait or spinnerbait over these large flat areas.

Take time and look around the lake, look for fallen trees, brush, reeds or large rocks. Bass will use such structure to wait and ambush suspected prey.

Top water lures are a very exciting way to catch bass because you can see the fish take the lure, top water lures with concave faces are meant to be twitched across the surface so they splash or "spit" water. Twitch and stop, twitch and stop. When a fish takes the lure, wait until you feel the weight before setting the hook.

Watch for "boils". When a school of bass gets into a school of shad or minnows, the surface erupts with splashes and you can even see the small baitfish jumping out of the water. When this happens, cast a spoon past the boil and jerk it back, or throw a top water lure past the boil and fish it through.

To fish spinner baits, just cast it to shore or past your target, let it sink a bit, then reel it back toward you. Pause when you reach a tree or bush and let the bait sink a bit before beginning to reel again.
Make sure you try different depths before giving up on a spot. Fish that are likely to bite are almost always close to the bottom or close to structure. Suspended fish are usually in a neutral mood and difficult to catch.

In the cooler weather, such as early spring and fall, bass are much more responsive to top water lures. They're also more likely to be found in shallow water, such as along the shoreline where there are overhanging trees. When it gets hotter, bass tend to retreat to deeper, cooler holes, and you need a change of strategy. Basically you need to dredge the bottom, and use something like a plastic worm to get the bass to respond.

If you’re in doubt as to which fresh water lure to use, try a plastic worm or small snake lure.
A large survey has shown a plastic worm to be the most effective fresh water lure by a significant margin.

Happy Bass Fishing!

Pro Bass Fishing Techniques.....Large Mouth Bass Extreme!

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