While this is not the original Cordell Spot ‘Knocker’ that many hard core fisherman cherished till not so long ago when it was discontinued. The XCaliber One Knocker is the 21st century version of the of the Cordell Spot Knocker favored by the pros.

As freshwater fishing lures go, this closely guarded secret of the pros, the Xcaliber One Knocker represents perfection in lipless crankbaits. This lure emits a fish attracting rhythmic knock as it travels over structure it pushes against an enormous amount of water, attracting fish from a great distance. Though the rattle is distinctly differently to most lure rattles as this crankbait has a single round lead/tungsten ball instead of the numerous BB’s found in many lipless fresh water lures.

The One Knocker seems to emit a dull thudding sound as it travels through the water which is said to attract ‘bigger fish’. Alton Jones used this lure on Lake Amistad and displayed its effectiveness to a handful of BASS writers as the One Knocker consistently caught the biggest Bass each day on the lake.

So what makes this lures so good? The Tungsten ball inside the lure is more durable than lead and doesn’t flatten out, therefore retains its sound better over time and because tungsten is lighter than lead the lure has the same body size as heavier lipless crankbaits.

The One Knocker is Jones' choice when the water is cold during the prespawn and late fall seasons.

"That doesn't mean I won't use the One Knocker during the summer. But it's my first choice of lure when water is cold," Jones explained. "It's also my choice after I have a limit and am looking for that really big bite."

David Giudice of Madison, AL says....

“I have fished the XCaliber one knockers's for some time now. These fresh water lures have become my go to crank and has caught me many fish during tournaments when others are using regular rat-l-traps. This trap has great action, and great knocking aka booming sound that I have found has caught me fish when others fail, and believe me I love trap fishing as much as I love swimbait fishing. The one knocker also has caught me several fish in the 7 lb range on several occasions here on 3 different north Alabama lakes. this is also the crank I grab when I need to rip them off the grass to induce strikes, or when schooling bass are on baitfish, or even to yoyo this bait produces big results this crank flat out catches fish!!!!!!!”

DawgGone from Georgia says...

"I picked a few x75 lipless fresh water lures for a Feb bass tournament and it paid off landing a 19.97lb fishing in 3 ft of water ripping it through the grass.”

Jake2117 from Milwaukee Area, Wisconsin says....

"I have ripped this thing through all kinds of cover, thrown it on rocks (by accident), and it still hasn’t worn out. The paint is top notch and won’t scratch off, the hooks are razor sharp and I haven’t missed a hook set with this lure. I’m definitely looking forward to buying more of these freshwater fishing lures, they are worth every penny."

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