Hooking a Peacock Bass is like snagging your lure on a passing nuclear attack submarine.

Peacock Bass Fishing is steadily becoming more and more popular with fresh water anglers. This is without any doubt due to the species insatiable and ferocious feeding habits and the amazing fight they put out when hooked.

The sheer ferociousness and strength of these species have inspired the top lure makers to design and produce super strong specialized peacock bass lures to withstand the extreme punishment these fish dish out, such punishment would leave your average Largemouth Bass lure a little worse for wear.

Once you have caught a large Peacock you quickly appreciate the pure excitement and thrill of the sheer power of these fish. I have heard people describe it as hooking a runaway freight train. All too often you have to play a Peacock Bass for quite a while before they finally submit to defeat.

And it's not unusual to have your line or even your rod snap, your hooks bent and mangled or even your lure looking like it had just been used to plough a farmer's field, after going five rounds with a good sized Peacock Bass.

Because Peacock Bass are so rough on your equipment and lures, it is well advised to have a spare rod and plenty of good quality Peacock Bass Lures close by.

Everyone who I have talked to who has caught Peacocks around Southern Florida always brings up in conversation the prospect of a Peacock fishing pilgrimage to the Amazon, where the largest and most exciting Peacock Bass fishing on earth takes place. Some catches on the Amazon River have been reported at 27 pounds the largest fish of this species weighing in at 35 pounds which is really beyond monstrous.

But there is no doubt some much larger record breakers in the more isolated reaches of this great river system.

These fish are voracious feeders and not particularly fussy which is great for anglers because chances are, if there are Peacocks about you will get hit, and get hit hard!

If you have never fished for these exotic fish before then it's a good idea to do a little research before you venture out. But even then no amount of reading will prepare you for the truly colossal battle you'll fight when a Peacock Bass claims your lure for its own, which is why it's a great idea to have an experienced Peacock Bass angler on hand for the first time you go on a hunt for these predators on steroids.

For anyone who considers them self a seasoned Largemouth Bass angler and is looking for a new and exciting challenge, targeting this amazing species of fish will give you a new found appreciation of fresh water fishing and without doubt make you a much better fisherman.

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    http://freshwaterlures.blogspot.com/2009/08/peacock-bass-lures.html?showComment=1285954955251#c2299181405843932671'> October 1, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    Excellent pictures! I´ve been down o the amazon to floating cabin barges two years ago and it was awesome , seeing this makes me wanna repeat it!!

    cool pics and video,



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