Some of these freshwater fishing tips you may well know and practice without giving a second thought, but for those of who are relatively new to the sport or if you’re looking for a few extra tips.

When fishing in murky waters, use a vibrating lure so as to not rely on the visual attractant of your lure. A Vibrating lure will have a better chance of attracting fish to a visual and striking range in water which has poor visibility.

Shallow timber and brush that is close to deep water will generally hold more Bass. In visible timber, begin looking for fish in deep pockets and along distinct tree or brush lines. Point’s pockets and bends are better than straight portions.

Look for docks which has planted cover and deep water close by, sometimes the pier owner will have placed treetops and artificial attractors around them to attract game fish.

Work a plastic worm slowly, many people get use to working the plastic worm as they do a Crankbait or Buzzbait. Remind yourself when fishing with a plastic worm to slow the tempo down and fish plastic worms methodically.

On rising water, look for new opened water areas, chances are bait fish will have moved to large newly flooded areas and Bass usually follow. Look for large newly flooded areas a few feet deep and look for the activity of bait fish on the surface.

Overall confidence can’t be purchased at your sporting goods store or acquired from a veteran angler, confidence in fishing is something which is earned from practice and experience and developing an understanding of your quarry and its habitat.

You will probably never know all there is to know about fresh water fishing. But as you put more and more pieces of the puzzle together, you’ll soon see why confidence is the most important lure in your tackle box.

Source: Google Books

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